Mobile Development

Mobile Multi-Channel: Curate Movies on an Android App

Pavel Terenin

Picture2.pngAs a student, my friends and I watched a lot of movies. We would also create lists of the movies we liked. Some of these lists were: Top 10 MoviesAll Time Favorites or Movie of the Week. We'd compare lists and discuss the merits of each. We'd have criteria such as a favorite genre, favorite director or even a favorite actress ;). It was lots of fun. 

Among the many inefficient aspects of creating and sorting physical lists was dealing with pen and paper! I felt it would be nice to have an app that allows users to create lists of their favorite movies and rate or review them with friends. These lists should also be dynamic, so I can add movies and change reviews as new movies come out. 

For this example, I've created an Android app using AngularJS and Ionic.  The architecture is fairly simple thanks to Liquid Content's REST API.  The full documentation for the API can be found over at the DNN Documentation Center.  


The application is using Evoq's publishing service as the main storage repository for content, which is accessed via DNN Evoq's REST APIs. The Ionic application uses Angular JS as a front end framework to call Evoq's API to read or to create new Content Items in the repository. Our API is extremely flexible and immensely powerful. Android SDK is used to create this as an Android-native application. This app demonstrates an easy way to use Evoq's API to power simple applications. You will also get to see an infinite scrolling implementation in the app.


The tutorial I created will walk you through each step to get the app up and running. Head over to GitHub for the full tutorial and let me know your favorite movies in the comments!