Mobile Development

Mobile Multi-Channel: A Mobile Game that Connects to Liquid Content

Francisco Javier Lucas Martínez


Mobile video game development has grown in popularity over the past several years. Thousands of new games are released every day, and more and more developers are focusing their efforts on creating new and amazing games in their free time. Two of the more challenging aspects of  mobile development are:

  • How to dynamically add new content to the games in order to keep the user base engaged.
  • Maintain the web page and social networks with relevant content to help with marketing campaigns and new user registration

Liquid Content offers a very convenient approach to reach these objectives successfully.

To demonstrate, we've created a simple game for mobile devices using Evoq's publishing service and REST API. We will use Evoq's Liquid Content as the source of data for the game plus website promotional content. The game is a classic and fun take on 4 Pics, 1 Word. In this game, four images are provided and the user must guess the key word all four images have in common. When a level is solved, the user profile is updated and coins are earned.

All important data regarding users and levels is defined and stored in Evoq, which is then consumed by the game to publish new levels. The game's website is also aggregating content from Evoq, plus the player's results from the game, and publishing things stats like the leaderboard, most challenging levels and other updates.


Finally, a bit of details about the implementation. The game was created using a framework from Corona Labs. In addition to being free, features of this framework include:

  1. Publish to the major mobile platforms
  2. Windows and Mac support.
  3. Android TV and Apple TV support.

Are you interested in knowing more about how Evoq's publishing service can be used to support mobile games and promotional content? Please follow this link for the full tutorial and more details.