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Chatbot as a Channel: Integrating Liquid Content with Skype and Facebook Messenger

David Rodriguez

Integrating Artificial Intelligence (AI) into your site or application is easier than you think. Companies like Google, Microsoft and Amazon are making big bets on AI and machine learning. All three companies provide freely available toolkits and services that developers can use to integrate AI into our applications.

Recently, we had a weeklong hackathon at DNN Software called DNN Developer Days. My week was spent working on a recipes bot that integrates with Liquid Content™.

The recipes bot integrates with messaging apps like Skype, Telegram or Facebook Messenger. As a Skype user, for example, you can provide the bot with a list of ingredients. The bot connects to Liquid Content to retrieve recipes that contain those ingredients, then provides an answer to the Skype user.

This is just the beginning. I plan to connect more third-party services to the recipe bot, such as LUIS, Cortana, Vision API and Apple Pay.

Bookmark this page and check back here to get updates. I’ll update the page each time there’s news to share. You can also follow me on Twitter @davidjrh and I will mention the new additions there.

Building the Recipe Bot

In this tutorial, I show you how I built the recipe bot. The bot uses the Azure Bot Service. The recipe bot is an intelligent, serverless bot that scales on demand. It can connect to additional messaging apps without writing or adding new code. The service is free, and you will only pay for the resources you consume.

The bot will be built by using the Azure Bot Service, the intelligent, serverless bot service that scales on demand. With this service, you will be able to publish your bot through multiple channels without managing or patching any server. The service is free, and you will only pay for the resources you consume.


Follow the links below to see a more in-depth tutorial and access the source code.  By using Evoq's Liquid Content, you can have your own Chatbot up and running quickly.