Build a Carousel with Built-In Click Tracking

Bruce Chapman

Making content look great is a matter of design, inspiration and careful work.  But does great looking content work with visitors?  Sometimes it can be hard to know.  Great visual design and great visitor engagement are often the same thing.  Measuring visitor engagement is a good way of evaluating whether the content is working.

Traditional web analytics will tell you which page referred how many visitors to another page over time.   This falls down when you have multiple links to a specific page, from a specific page.  There may be links in the header, links in the footer, links in the menu.  Ordinary tracking  just shows the total amount of referrals without breaking down by link.  By tracking which of these links get clicked, you can determine which content the visitors are engaging with.  


This tutorial combines instructions on building a sliding image Carousel with content links, and how to create that Visualizer and Content Items so that Evoq Analytics automatically gives you a breakdown of which content provides the most clicks.    It's suitable for anyone who is building content in a website.